A reconciliation with my father that I made when I left home.

When I was in the third semester of high school, I ran into my home because I argued with my father about my career.
At that time, I was attending a private high school attached to a university, where I was stalking for several years. I thought that it would be dangerous to go on to university, so I told my father that I didn’t want to go to a university attached to him.
My father was a typical stubborn father type, and I left everything up to my mother to educate my children. Since I was a business person, I never talked with my family or had a good time, and the relationship of trust between parents and children was weak.
There was no way I could have a proper conversation between my father and I in such a relationship, and my refusal to go on to university was just taken as selfish.
Originally, my father recommended my high school to my boss, and when I entered and went to school, my relationship with my boss went smoothly. I left my letter alone, angry that my child only had to do what he said, and above all, that he wouldn’t listen to me. I had to run away from home.
Until then, I was considered an obedient child, obedient both at home and outside. I myself shouldn’t go against my parents, I had to feed them and go to school, so I thought I had to listen to them. However, when I thought about my future and thought that I had to get all the instructions from my parents, I couldn’t help myself.
I packed up my school bag and clothes, and went to my friend’s house to stay overnight. My friend’s parents also thought it was a naive child, so I don’t think I had run away from home, so I was allowed to stay overnight. I went to school from my friend’s house, and if I went to the classroom, a stalker was waiting, so I ran to the rooftop and skipped classes, spending several days without knowing what to do.
One day when I was called to the staff room, my homeroom teacher was waiting for my mother on the phone. It seems that I used to be a good student and worried when I left home and left home. I spoke with my father and complained that I couldn’t go on to university.
My homeroom teacher was still young and had little experience as a teacher, but he thought with me and told my parents about my feelings. Then I was told to go home and talk again.
When I got home, my father said, “I understand your feelings. I want you to love me.” When I asked my mother later, my father seemed to be worried a lot while I was away. I thought he hadn’t thought of me at all, but I felt a little happy when I heard it, and I am sorry that I was worried.
After that, I went to a vocational school and had a fulfilling life. It may have been a rough medical treatment, but I think that the experience of being able to know my father’s feelings by leaving the house will remain in my heart forever.

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