For him

I had him in the distance.
I met each other once a month. He didn’t like fat people, male or female, and I wasn’t that fat, but when I put on clothes that exposed a lot because I had meat on my stomach and waist. Was anxious.
The two of us couldn’t meet each other for the first time in two months, and we were enthusiastic about it, so I decided to meet myself with a slight loss of weight. However, the decision was made a week before I met, and I didn’t know what was the most effective way to do it, so for the time being, I tried to get rid of the carbohydrates that people often say. After almost a week of living on water and vegetables, I lost 4 kilos in a week. When I met him for a long time, I was told that he wouldn’t feel any different if it was around 4 kilometers, so I was shocked. Rather, it wasn’t my stomach that caused me to lose 4 kilos, but my legs became thin and I felt uncomfortable. When I met him, he told me that he hadn’t changed, and when I met him, I ate out and ate a huge amount of food during the time I met him. When I weighed it, it was a terrible thing, the original weight plus 2 kg.
I didn’t think I could meet him for a while, so I asked my friends and went online to improve myself. I tried going to the beauty salon, but first I decided to eat rice and walk for an hour in the morning and at night listening to music. I didn’t feel any pain when I listened to the music because I felt it while walking. I also eat rice properly, so I didn’t feel frustrated because I wanted to eat it free of charge, and I felt that I could enjoy it when I didn’t force myself to eat it in the last week. I tried this method for a week and it was minus 3 kg! I didn’t think I could do so much fun, and I didn’t think it would decrease so much, so I was happy. I was worried about the meat around my waist, so I searched on the net and tried some exercise around the waist. After about 3 days, I was able to wear pants that were difficult to vomit. I thought I would look back at him! After trying a diet in a short period of time, I realized that it was not good to do anything. I realized that it’s good not only to lose weight, but to have fun doing everything. And I think that if you give a result and someone else approves or praises you, you will be motivated again.

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