Make a beautiful bride with a stain removal laser!

I’m a 50-year-old woman, and 15 years ago,
there was a spot about 15 mm in diameter in the middle of my right cheek.
It was made in my early twenties, and I suspect it was
probably the result of several sunburns in the sea when I was a teenager.
I was very worried because it was in the middle of my cheek, but
I decided to get married 15 years ago, so I decided to give laser treatment before the wedding.
The salon was a small privately owned store in my neighborhood (Shibuya Ward) where I lived at the time, but it was said that the
latest laser machine was installed, so I asked with high expectations.
First, I applied a gel to protect the skin from the spots
and put on a goggle-like glass to prevent the laser from hitting my eyes directly.
And finally laser irradiation.
There was a momentary stimulus with a strong light,
but without any particular pain, the procedure was completed in no time.
The laser is
a mechanism that burns only the spots and raises the melanin, and the scab-like skin peels off to eliminate the spots, so
I had a feeling of hot cheeks for a while after the treatment.
However, I immediately returned home after cooling with a cold towel, so
after that I had no skin problems or heat.
For a while after the treatment, try not to let the laser hit the sun as much as possible,
So I applied sunscreen when I was out, and sometimes
I wore a bandage, so I lived with care.
After about a week, the spots turned into black scabs and
gradually peeled off.
It was said that stains would remain if it was forcibly peeled off, so I
couldn’t wait to be patient and peel off cleanly.
And finally, when all the scabs were peeled
off, I was impressed by the fact that the part was entirely pink and the stains had disappeared.
When I asked the salon to confirm,
“I have delicate skin because it looks like a fresh baby , ” so I received a
protective cream and spent time paying attention to sunburn.
A few days after that, the redness of the skin was removed and all the spots became white.
When I first visited the salon, there was still about two weeks before the wedding, so I was
wondering if I could afford it.
took about 10 days before the scab was removed and the pink color disappeared and it was completely clean . However
, thanks to the laser, I got a really happy wedding
without the spots
coming off when I was wearing white pure makeup .
Also, since the photos remain at the wedding
, I’m glad the stains disappeared again.

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