Reunion with a man who cares about the past

I had a man who was married to a drinking friend in his single days, and he consulted with him about his boyfriend and marriage.
Although my drinking friend was just married, he was always a woman, so there was always a woman.
I also kept in touch with the person as much as I was having fun and spending time with.

A few years after such a friendship, I was decided to marry a person I was dating at the time, and while I was happy, I
became full of anxiety and became a marriage blue .
Since I had decided to move to a distant place at the same time as I got married, I also
wanted to spend the last night with him because of the loneliness of not being able to meet him, my drinking friend .
I was busy preparing for the marriage, so I invited him when there was only this day
, and he felt the same, and in the atmosphere like that, he was alone in the room, but his body did not react and what was that day? It ended without any.

He said he’s been dating for a long time, so I just apologized that I couldn’t say what I was saying and I was sorry.
After all, I ended up getting married and never moved to a distant place to contact him.

After a few decades, I had a child, and I came back to my hometown and had a normal life as a part-timer.
Then, on the way home from the year-end party, I happened to meet the old drinking friend again.
It was since that day at that time, so I was confused for a moment when I was called, but it looked younger than my actual age and younger than me.

He was with a young woman who was supposed to be her, and while thinking in her mind as usual, she briefly talked with her and parted.
And when I was waiting for a taxi at the taxi stand, he changed part because he wanted to part with her and want to drink again, I
talked about that when I was young and that story at that time, I It was a funny story, but he didn’t.
He said he was rude to me and he was depressed for a while because he didn’t always feel like this,
and he wanted to revenge someday.

I talked about things like that, and at that time I was young and I invited myself, but now I don’t have that kind of energy.
However, his expression was so serious that he said he wanted to revenge, and I didn’t have that feeling at that time, and both the appearance and the environment had changed, so I refused, so
he asked that he only needed once. Since I’ve been there, I borrowed the momentum of alcohol and became such a relationship.

He said he was confident that he would never be separated from himself when he slept with him, so he confidently gave me only the contact information and went home.
Of course, I didn’t contact him after that, and I think it was good for me to remember the memories of those days,
and I felt that the length of the past years was great.

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